Sovereignty Health & Life Coaching – Terms of Service

Please take a few moments to read through this. It is important that we understand each other’s expectations so that we can get the most out of working together.

Our responsibility

Your coach will do everything possible to support you in refining your health & life goals.  YOU are ultimately responsible for deliberately making changes in your life.   Your coach will help you to find solutions and offer positive suggestions and options based upon their on their own experience and research in perfecting the art of living.  When you hire your Sovereignty Health and Wellness Center coach you accept full responsibility for the actions you choose and the decisions you make.   When you become a client, signing a coaching agreement, you acknowledge that your coach is not a doctor, lawyer, investment advisor, or accountant and that any advice you are seeking regarding these specialties should come from the appropriately qualified advisors. 


Confidential Information

Please refer to our privacy policy page. When you hire the Sovereignty Health and Wellness Center it is important for us to maintain your privacy.


Weekly meetings are scheduled on a recurring time and day of the week. If for any reason you cannot attend your session you are responsible for informing your coach within 48 hours via phone, email, text, or other social media and receive a reply or forfeit that session. Please be hyper-communicative about your schedule to make it efficient for you and your coach to work together on a consistent basis. For scheduling individual sessions 24-hour notice is required.

Assigned Tasks

Your personalized program with the Sovereignty Health and Wellness Center will include several tasks, routines, and exercises in self-reflection and planning for the purpose of refining and accelerating your process of reaching your personal health and life goals. Before starting any specific diet and exercise program it will be your responsibility to consult your personal physician and advise your Sovereignty Health and Wellness Center Coach.

Extra Coaching Time

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes to one an hour. With your personalized program, these sessions are scheduled at regular weekly recurring intervals. In addition, you and your coach will maintain regular communication via phone, video conferencing, social media, and/or email. This additional time throughout the week is expected to sum up to approximately the amount of time of an additional session that week without any additional charge added to your prepaid program cost.

Cancelling Services

If you want to cancel your payments and agreement within five business days of the date indicated on your agreement you may do so for a 100% refund of any monies paid less the cost of any products and services already provided to you. This refund is only available if services have not already begun in any way rendering the refund void.

Notice of Cancellation of Service

All notice of cancellation must be provided to the Sovereignty Health and Wellness Center to [email protected] dated within 5 business days of the agreement to be cancelled. No transfers, credits, or refunds will be made available for no-shows.

Coaching Terms

Your personalized program with your coach is created and sold as a whole package and cannot be partially completed or altered in any way. If you are enrolled in an ongoing coaching program for a mutually agreed upon number of sessions, unused sessions due to quitting the program may not be eligible for transfer, credit, or refund.

Suspension of Agreement

It is generally not possible for you to suspend your agreement with your coach after your program is in progress. Exceptions may be considered at your coach’s discretion for extreme circumstances (i.e. injury, extreme personal hardship).

Payment Plans

Payment for services with the Sovereignty Health and Wellness Center must be made prior to service. Promotional materials (i.e. discount coupons) must be presented at the time of payment prior to their expiration date, however a later program starting date within the same year may be made available.
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