Baccalaureate of Health Education & Promotion

Master NLP Health & Life Coach

At the Sovereignty Health and Wellness Center we help you to coach yourself in
safe sustainable weight loss and healthy weight management for rest of your life.

Why is the Sovereignty Health and Wellness Center’s program different from other weight loss and weight maintenance programs?

• Meal planning is made easy and engaging. Our goal is not only to eat the most nutritious food we can but to do it in the most delicious and enjoyable way possible. This is an ongoing pursuit throughout our entire program. Lets go shopping, and come up with some new favorite recipes that fully support your weight loss goal.

• NO DRUGS. Our weight loss program does not require any medication for sustainable success. It does not even require supplements though some of them are very beneficial.
• We maintain that to achieve sustainable weight loss and then live a life maintaining healthy weight requires knowledge. There is a lot of information out there for us to demystify like fad diets, myths, and good evidence-based health science. Vetted experts do not always agree on what are the best methods, habits, and practices. One reason for this is that what works for one person may not work for another. We will find what works for you.

• We maintain that to achieve life long sustainable weight loss and maintenance requires action. Knowledge alone is not power, unless it is put into action. We will balance perfecting how we nourish our bodies, with rest and relaxation, as well as a steady routine of exercise. This also helps us to get better deeper sleep.
• Sleep, relaxation, and management of stress are as important as activity and healthy food and drink. Our program integrates them all. You will learn to manage stress, relax your body and mind, and improve the depth and quality of your sleep with a combination of meal planning and timing, regular exercise and stretching, and relaxation techniques such as meditation.

• Emotional intelligence: Learn powerful tools to avoid being taken over by emotions like fear and doubts. Learn to be a self-motivated person. Learn to set healthy boundaries in relationships and to prioritize your ever-improving self-care.

Weight loss is often what can start a process of self-improvement on many levels beyond physical health such as mental, emotional, creative, and spiritual health.  Some of these words mean different things to different people but they all influence the success in our efforts to lose weight and sustain healthy weight for life.  Therefore, unlike other programs designed to achieve weight loss, ours incorporates much more than just investigation into eating habits, or exercise routines.

We work with everything that influences our motivation to achieve our goals.  This can be how we talk to ourselves and others about the subject of self-care.  It can also mean limiting or false beliefs.  Some of what we delve into may be very personal and unique to you.  We will work with you through anything that is getting in the way of reaching your goal!

Sovereignty is defined as, “Complete and conscious self-governance.”

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Perfect the Art of Living your own way by optimizing your health, preventing disease, maintaining healthy BMI, meal & fitness planning, managing anxiety, depression, & stress, relaxation, meditation, and goal achievement.

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